CYUL is more then a dance studio: it's a family.  Jess has created a sacred space where you always feel welcome.  It's a place where you can come and be temporarily freed from all the challenges of day to day life and express them through the dance or a big hug.  Regardless you always leave a better version of yourself. #abetterme  At #CYUL respect of one's self and others is a must! - Jordan's mama

Corner YUL is more than a dance studio, it's a home. Jessica (studio director) has poured her heart, soul & energy into creating a space that's dedicated to creation, fun & wellbeing. It's a great place for all age groups and skill levels to get their start or perfect their skills in more than "just" dance. They regularly offer drop ins & workshops in different styles of dance and related displicines (yoga, health, fitness classes) so there is something for everyone! - Valerie H,

 CYUL teacher & dancers

CYUL is a safe place to express yourself through dance. It is a great place to share and collaborate ideas to help you grow as a dancer and as a person. - Joy, CYUL dancer

This studio has such a bright and positive energy and you feel it as soon as you walk in. It is a place free of judgement where you can come and express yourself and be who you want to be. Everyone is welcome! - Elli

CUYL is a studio directed by one special someone who brings love and joie in everyones lifes! She is determined and has a passion for dance like no other! This studio is not juste friends dancing togheter its a family build trought dancing! If ever you want to come join this group of dancer who are passionate for dancing and that are all special in their own way come join CORNERYUL dance studio. Various dance classes given, by various teachers that love to share and teach their passion trought emotions and compation! This studio is by far the best! GO sign up❤️ - Chloe

Open to everyone who lives fully and shares a true passion for the moving arts. We dance, we love, we laugh, we cry, we discover, we grow as human beings, we have a team, we have friends, we have family. - Lian

Événement: Namaste Yoga/Danse

'The dance that was taught, was done at a very good pace so that every one was able to follow. Jessica modified some movements in order for everyone to be able to do it.' - Sheena Valdez

'It was my first time trying dance & yoga in the same class. I appreciated the self expression exercises, even though it can be challenging. The more I was doing it the more it was getting easier. It helped me feel more calm and more at peace after the class. Thank you Jess for this experience.' - Valerie Lamarche

'Love that even though it was a 'sad' dance, we were able to feel & interpret it through our own experiences. Like that we were able to feel liberated by expressing different emotions. Thankful to Jess for a simple but soulful choreography.' - Stacey Scott 

'I thought this event was very welcoming & relaxing. Overall an amazing experience. The dance class was well instructed, interactive and very fun.' - Joy Valdez